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Boutique Yoga

  • Is my new concept that came out from always looking after a big space to open up a Yogastudio . Everywhere i went , searching , it was always something that didn’t fit.
  • So I came a cross this tiny ,beautiful space and I realised – This is what I have been looking for , this is why i haven’t found anything . I should not go big , but petite.
  • An exclusive little yogastudio with only space for 10 yogis , to go deeper in my teaching , focus on each individual needs   , to create a strong community for those who want to deepen their knowledge and practice , to have small workshops , pop ups , masterclasses, creative meetings , trainings, private lessons  and much more – but in a smaller personal vibe
  • I told my husband about my new ideas and he came up with – Boutique – you should call it Boutique Yoga .
  • Welcome to Boutique Yoga – The exclusive Petite Yoga studio in city centre of Luxemburg